The beautiful Railway Garden is thriving under the care of our fabulous gardening teams.  The Railway Garden was established in October 2020 and was in the making for many years before that.  You can read the full story of how the garden came about here.

We currently have groups gardening on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.  The work is light and pleasant and is usually followed by a lovely morning tea.

There will be regular information sessions on gardening practices such as pruning, composting, propagation and planting.  We also plan to hold occasional markets, offering seedlings, handicrafts and more.

The garden and adjacent Bocce court are for everyone to enjoy, and members of the public are welcome to pick vegetables and herbs.

If you’d like to get involved in the garden, please fill out an enrolment form here and our Garden Coordinator, Jesse, will get in touch with you to work out what level of involvement would most suit you.  We have gardeners who come several times per week and others who come occasionally – all are welcome.

If you have questions about the garden, please contact us on 9380 6654 or email Jesse at [email protected]