Committee of Management

To contact the Committee of Management, please email [email protected]

2022 – 2023 Committee of Management

Rachel Tuffield (Chairperson)

Jeff Atkinson (Treasurer)

Brett Pascoe (Secretary)

Peter Deutschmann (Ordinary Member)

Jeremy Dixon (Ordinary Member)

Joy McCaffrey (Ordinary Member)

Pam Tuffield (Ordinary Member) 

Sarah Tutton (Ordinary Member)

What is the Committee’s purpose?  

The key roles of the Committee are: 

  • Compliance – checking to make sure the Railway House operates in accordance with legal requirements and its rules.
  • Finance – monitoring financial reports and deciding how funds should be spent 
  • Performance – supporting the Railway House to perform at its best by approving and monitoring important policies and plans 

How is the Committee chosen? 

At each annual general meeting, the members decide how large the Committee should be and elect the: 

  • president 
  • secretary 
  • treasurer 
  • ordinary members 

Each of these roles has specific responsibilities which are detailed in the rules. All Committee members are volunteers and must comply with the Railway House code of conduct. 

How much work is involved in being a member of the Committee? 

The Committee usually meets once a month. In addition to preparing for the meeting, committee members are also encouraged to support the Railway House by volunteering their expertise to support staff (for example, IT skills), attending events, supporting staff in developing policies and seeking funding and volunteering in programs. 

The Committee has also created a Fundraising subcommittee and at times convene other subcommittees.  Railway House subcommittees include at least one member of the Committee of Management as well as other members selected by the Committee of Management. Becoming involved in a subcommittee is another great way to support the Railway House. 

If you would like to join the Committee Management or the Fundraising subcommittee, or would like more information, please contact Alison Beck at [email protected]