Railway House is a warm and welcoming centre that prides itself on being a place where people feel welcome, relaxed and valued no matter what their background or personal circumstances. The office door is always open and we always make time for people who visit, whether they are attending a class, seeking assistance with something or simply dropping in for some company.

The heritage Railway House is a small but vibrant community organisation located in the former North Carlton Railway Station in the beautiful Hardy Gallagher Reserve in Princes Hill. One of nine Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres in the City of Yarra, Railway House is a not for profit incorporated association led by a Committee of Management and staffed by 4 part time workers. Approximately 20 volunteers from the local community are also involved.


We value the diversity in our local community and aim to strengthen community connections by bringing people together from all walks of life to learn and socialise. We offer a range of learning programs and health and well-being activities which provide opportunities for recreation, the learning of new skills and interaction with others. These programs are provided at low or no cost where possible so as to ensure they are accessible to all.

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