Our Staff

Alison Beck
Alison BeckManager
Lisa Claiborne
Lisa ClaiborneAdministrator
Tania Jorquera
Tania JorqueraCommunity Development Worker
Jeff Coley
Jeff ColeyFinancial Administrator

Our Tutors

Alissia Charalambou
Alissia CharalambouTeen Drop in
Jen Mounir
Jen MounirTai Chi
Damian Curtain
Damian CurtainArt Class
Flip Case
Flip CaseChoir
Helen Hadiyan
Helen HadiyanKarate
Simone Litchfield
Simone LitchfieldInclusive Yoga
Mary Egan
Mary EganLearning Club
Jen Mounir
Jen Mounir Girls Fun & Fitness
Tim Beacham
Tim BeachamiTea Club
Louise Barbon-Elliot
Louise Barbon-ElliotKids Art House
Jen Mounir
Jen MounirWomen’s Exercise Circuit!

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